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The largest fishing websites in Finland and offers a wide variety of Fishing licences to purchase. You can get for example the compulsory national fisheries management fee, Rapid and river fishing licences and Lake fishing licences from our webshop. Fishing Permits can be easily obtained online 24 h / day, Finnish internet Bank account or Visa / MasterCard is required.

Note: In our online shop it is also possible to purchase licences by other person than the fisher: Permit-holder's name can be changed during payment. So you can ask for example your Finnish friend, fishing quide or cottage owner to purhase fishing licences to you from our online store.

After payment you can print your licences. We also send automatically our fishing licences via email, licences are image / pdf files and can be saved for example into your smartphone.

Get credentials to Fishing in Finland pages for free when you purhace licences from our webshop:

  • River Disharges, Water levels
  • Fish stockings, water quality
  • Depth Maps, images, videos


Fees Issued by Metsähallitus / Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Compulsory National Fisheries Management Fee

Valtion kalastuksenhoitomaksu 2021 Lupa-aluekartta

Compulsory National Fisheries Management Fee 2021

45€ year, 15€ week, 6€ day

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45€ year, 15€ week, 6€ day

Compulsory National Fisheries Management Fee 2021
National fisheries management fee must be paid by anyone aged 18-64 fishing in Finland unless you are only ice fishing, or fishing with a simple rod and line (without a reel and lure).

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Compulsory Fishing Licence

Rapid and River Fishing Licences

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