Fishing Licence Details

Kuva Hilmonjoki Rapids

Hilmonjoki Rapids 2019

Price, Season, Method, Group

12€/6 hours Summertime 1.5.-30.8. All

17€/12 hours Summertime 1.5.-30.8. All

25€/24 h Summertime 1.5.-30.8. All

200€/Season Summertime 1.5.-30.8. All

6€/6 hours Summertime 1.5.-30.8. Under 15 y.

8,5€/12 hours Summertime 1.5.-30.8. Under 15 y.

12,5€/24 h Summertime 1.5.-30.8. Under 15 y.

100€/Season Summertime 1.5.-30.8. Under 15 y.

More information Hilmonjoki fishing permit Note! You must pay also National fisheries management fee if you are aged 18-64 years. You can get easily all licences to your fishing group at same order from our webshop.


Fees issued by Metsähallitus / Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Compulsory National Fisheries Management Fee

Valtion kalastuksenhoitomaksu 2019 Lupa-aluekartta

Compulsory National Fisheries Management Fee 2019

45€ year, 15€ week, 6€ day

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45€ year, 15€ week, 6€ day

Compulsory National Fisheries Management Fee 2019
National fisheries management fee must be paid by anyone aged 18-64 fishing in Finland unless you are only ice fishing, or fishing with a simple rod and line (without a reel and lure).

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